The PCM is built into the air cleaner cover. Applying excessive force to the cover may damage the PCM

Be careful not to touch the PCM when removing and installing

Removing the PCM from the air filter may damage it.

Do not remove the PCM from the air filter.

Fig. 1. Components of the intake system of a car with a Z6 engine: 1 - air filter; 2 - solenoid valve of the idle speed regulator; 3 - the actuator of the air damper of the intake system; 4 - air mixing damper actuator; 5 - fuel supply control pedal; 6 - accelerator cable; 7 - intake system
Fig. 2. Components of the intake system: 1 - PCM block connector cover; 2 - PCM block connector; 3 - air filter cover; 4 - air filter element; 5 - air filter housing; 6 - air duct cover of the intake system; 7 - bracket; 8 - air duct of the intake system; 9 - air hose; 10 - throttle pipe; 11 - exhaust gas recirculation pipe (from the side of the intake manifold); 12 - fuel distributor; 13 - intake manifold

Removing and installing the intake system

Remove the battery cover.

Disconnect the negative cable from the battery.

Remove the bottom cover.

Remove the connector cover and the PCM connector.

Remove the air filter cover and take out the filter element

Remove the air filter housing.

Remove the intake air duct cover and air duct.

Disconnect the air hose.

Remove the purge solenoid valve

Drain the engine coolant.

Remove the throttle body.

Disconnect the EGR pipe (on the intake manifold side).

Disconnect the engine coolant hose from the engine coolant pipe.

Fig. 3. Bracket for fastening the accelerator cable: 1 - bracket; 2 - bolts; 3 - rope

Remove the accelerator cable bracket from the intake manifold (fig. 3).

Remove the intake manifold.


Fig. 4. Installing the EGR Mounts

Install the EGR pipe bolts and nut in the order shown in Figure 4

Fig. 5. Aligning the alignment marks on the throttle tube and air hose

Align the marks on the throttle fitting and the air hose (fig. 5).

Before installing the intake duct, make sure the rubber fasteners on the battery bracket are in place.

Use soapy water when installing the intake duct into the rubber mounts.

Make sure the two rubber mounts are installed on the battery bracket.

Install the intake duct into the rubber mounts

Fig. 6. Installation of the radiator panel and the intake system air duct: 1 - bracket; 2 - air duct; 3 - radiator panel

Using a bracket, secure the radiator frame panel and intake duct as shown in Figure 6

Fig. 7. Installing the PCM block connector: 1 - press; 2 - filter; 3 - connector

Insert the PCM connector fully into the air filter and press the lever until it clicks (fig. 7).

Install the rest of the components in the reverse order of removal.