Removing and installing the gearshift mechanism Mazda 3

Remove the battery, its tray, and the tray mounting bracket.

Remove the air filter element

Fig. 1 Gearshift mechanism of a Mazda 3 car: 1 – gearshift lever; 2 - cover panel; 3 - clamp; 4 - washer; 5 - sealing plate; 6 - the main cable of the switching drive; 7 – the main cable of a choice of transfer; 8 - shift lever assembly
Figure 2 Removing the instrument panel

After unscrewing the seven bolts, two mounting screws and removing the three caps, remove the dashboard (Fig. 2)

Fig. 3 Removing the stability control system control module: 1 - bolts, 2 - power and control connectors, 3 - module

Remove the three mounting bolts and remove the stability control system control module (Fig. 3)

Fig. 4 Removing the climate control unit: 1- air conditioner, 2 - control unit, 3 - power and control connectors

Remove the climate control unit (Fig. 4)

Fig. 5 Removing the lower air ducts: 1 - right air duct, 2 - left air duct
  • - Remove the lower air ducts (Fig. 5)
  • - Remove the lever and shift lever boot
  • - Remove the shift cables
  • - Remove the shift lever assembly
  • - Install in the reverse order of removal
  • - Install the air filter element

After installation, make sure the shift lever can move smoothly to any position.

Gear Select Cable Installation Instructions

Remove the center console.

Make sure the shift lever (transmission side) is in neutral.

Fig. 6 Unlocking and locking the gear selector cable lock

Unlock the gear selector cable lock (shift lever side) in the order shown in Figure 6

Move the shift lever to neutral.

Lock the gear selector cable retainer (shift cable side) in the order shown in Figure 6

Install the center console.

Move the shift lever from neutral to another position and make sure that other elements in this area do not interfere with the lever.