1MZ-FE engine cylinder head assembly

Before assembly, clean all parts to be assembled

Apply fresh engine oil to all friction surfaces

Replace all gaskets and seals

fig. 1. Pressing in a new spark plug tube

Install new spark plug tubes.

Apply glue to the spark plug tubes.

Press the new spark plug tube so that it protrudes 42.4-43.4 mm from the plane of the cylinder head connector (Fig. 1).

fig. 2. Pressing in the new crankcase ventilation pipe

Using a wooden plate and a hammer, also press in the new crankcase ventilation pipes so that they are flush with the cylinder head split plane (fig. 2).

fig. 3. Installing new valve stem seals: 1 - special tool

Using a suitable tool, install new valve stem seals (fig. 3).

Inlet valve stem seals have a rubber sealing coating.

Intake valve stem seals are painted gray or brown, and exhaust valve stem seals are black.

Install the following details:

  • - valve;
  • - valve spring seat;
  • - valve spring;
  • - spring plate;
  • - crackers.

Using a suitable tool, compress the valve spring and install two cotters around the valve stem.

Using a plastic-headed hammer, lightly tap the end of the valve stem to ensure that the valve is securely fixed with crackers.

Install the valve lifters and shims; make sure the pushers rotate freely by hand.