Put the car on a two-post lift

Remove the engine undertray and right front wheel

Remove the accessory drive belt.

Install the clamps on the inlet and outlet pipes of the power steering pump.

Remove the inlet pipe clamp on the pump.

Disconnect the supply line.

Remove the high pressure fitting on the pump.

Remove the high pressure pipe from the pump.

Put plugs on the piping and power steering pump to keep the system clean.

Fig. 1. Removing the power steering pump: 1 - mounting bolts

Remove the three bolts securing the multi-function bracket and remove the power steering pump (fig. 1).


Installation is performed in the reverse order of removal.

Torque tighten:

  • - power steering pump mounting bolts (21 Nm);
  • - high pressure pipe fitting on the steering gear (21 Nm).

Torque tighten the two mounting bolts on the accessory drive belt side first, and then the bolt on the opposite side.

The removed belt must be replaced.

Also change the idler and idler rollers along with the belt.

Fill the power steering system with oil (Elfrenaultmatic D2).

Bleed the system by turning the steering wheel from one end to the other with the engine off.

Bleed the system by turning the steering wheel from one end to the other while the engine is running.

Top up the oil level in the reservoir.

Check for leaks.

Install the engine undertray.

Replacing the power steering pump pulley

Remove the power steering pump

Use a press with a puller with grippers.


Fig. 2. Pressing the power steering pump pulley: 1 - special tool

Press the pulley using the tool (Dir1083-01) until the press-on size is obtained (copiously lubricate the threads and the bearing surface of the pulley) (fig. 2)

Fig. 3. Pressing pattern

Keep the pulley press-on dimension, X = 25.4 mm ±0.4 (fig. 3)

Checking the intermediate shaft

Fig. 4. Measuring the length of the telescopic shaft


These cars are equipped with a non-separable assembly "telescopic shaft - steering shaft - steering column".

If the steering shaft yoke terminal bolt cannot be tightened, or after a collision you are satisfied that the length of the telescopic shaft is correct, replace the entire steering column assembly (fig. 4).

Check that the length of the telescopic shaft is: L = 313.90 ±1 mm.

Never pull on the telescopic shaft (after impact).