Put the car on a two-post lift

Raise the car until the wheels are a few centimeters off the floor

Connect the diagnostic tool (CLIP).

Initiate dialogue with the automatic transmission computer.

Watch the automatic transmission oil temperature parameter.

The test should be carried out at an oil temperature between 60°C and 80°C.

Start the engine, put the selector lever in position D.

Watch the engine speed.

Enter ECU dialogue mode.

While depressing the brake pedal, fully depress the accelerator pedal.

The front wheels must not turn.

Do not hold the accelerator pedal fully depressed for more than 5 seconds.

If this period of time is exceeded, the torque converter or the automatic transmission itself can most likely be destroyed.

Immediately after the measurement, release the accelerator pedal and continue to hold the brake pedal depressed until the engine speed stabilizes at idle (if this requirement is not observed, there is a risk of failure of the automatic transmission).

For vehicles with a K4M engine, the crankshaft speed is set at 2700 ±150 min–1.

For vehicles with the F4R engine, the engine speed is set to 2500 rpm–1.

If the torque converter locks up when the engine speed is out of specification, replace the torque converter.

The reason for the torque converter blocking at a low engine speed may be insufficient engine power.

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