Hold the multifunction switch lever in the end position (in the forced first gear position) with a plastic band and a bolt screwed into the gearbox housing (fig. 1)

Fig. 1. Holding the multi-switch lever with a band and bolt

Remove bolt 1 (fig. 2).

Fig. 2. A bolt of fastening of the lever of a lamellar spring: 1 – a bolt; 2 - roller; 3 - sector

Install the leaf spring lever by inserting the roller into the recess of the sector corresponding to the forced engagement of the first gear (fig. 3).

Fig. 3. Adjustment of the leaf spring lever: 1 - sector; 2 - recess

Install the arm bracket bolt without tightening it (fig. 4).

Fig. 4. Bolt for arm bracket: 1 - bolt

Install the tool (Bvi. 1462) in place of bolt 1 (see fig. 2).

While holding the lever, turn the tool all the way in.

Torque tighten the leaf spring arm bracket bolt (9 Nm).

Remove tool (Bvi. 1462).

Install the lever mounting bolt.

Tighten the lever mounting bolt to the specified torque (8 Nm).

In the event of a valve replacement, reset the self-tuning parameters using the command: RZ005 "Reset self-tuning parameters" and reset the automatic transmission oil life counter using the diagnostic tool by entering the command: CF074 "Record transmission oil change date".

After executing command RZ005, be sure to drive up and down several times to memorize new values ​​and settings.

Torque tighten:

  • - cover bolts (10 Nm);
  • - battery (40 Nm) ;
  • - amplifier mounting bolts (21 Nm).

Installation is performed in the reverse order of removal.