Diesel lubrication system - combined

The crankshaft and camshaft bearings, intermediate gear and fuel pump drive gear bushings, the connecting rod bearing of the crankshaft of the air brake compressor, as well as the valve drive mechanism and the turbocharger shaft bearing are lubricated under pressure

Liners, pistons, piston pins, rods, tappets and camshaft lobes are splash lubricated.

D-245 diesel lubrication system: 1 - oil cooler; 2 - piston cooling nozzle; 3 - centrifugal oil filter; 4 - protective filter mesh; 5 - safety valve; 6 - oil filler neck; 7 - oil pump; 8 - oil sump; 9 - oil intake tube; 10 - oil level indicator; 11 - centrifuge drain valve; 12 - pressure reducing valve of the centrifuge; 13 - oil pressure indicator; 14 - signaling device for emergency oil pressure; 15 - drain plug

Oil pump 7 - gear, single-section, bolted to the cover of the first main bearing.

The pump supplies oil through the pipe and channels of the cylinder block to the centrifugal filter 3, in which it is cleaned of impurities, combustion products and wear.

From the centrifugal filter, the purified oil enters the radiator for cooling and through the oil supply pipe to the turbocharger shaft bearing.

From oil cooler 1, oil enters the diesel line.

In the housing of the centrifugal oil filter there are reducing 12, drain 11 and safety 5 valves.

When starting the diesel engine, due to the high resistance of the oil cooler, the cold oil enters directly into the diesel line through the reducing (radiator) valve, bypassing the radiator.

The safety valve (centrifugal filter valve) serves to maintain the oil pressure in front of the filter rotor at 0.7 MPa.

When the pressure rises, part of the crude oil is drained through the diesel crankcase.

Reducing and safety valves are not adjustable.

On a running diesel engine, it is strictly forbidden to unscrew the plugs of the pressure reducing and safety valves.

The drain valve is adjusted to a pressure of 0.25 ... 0.35 MPa and serves to maintain the required oil pressure in the main line of the diesel engine.

Excess oil is drained through the valve into the diesel crankcase.

From the main line of the diesel engine, oil flows through the channels in the cylinder block to all main bearings of the crankshaft and camshaft.

From the main bearings through the channels in the crankshaft, it goes to all the connecting rod bearings.

From the first main bearing, oil flows through special channels to the intermediate gear and fuel pump drive gear bushings, as well as to the fuel pump.

The parts of the valve mechanism are lubricated with oil coming from the rear camshaft bearing through the channels in the block, cylinder head, drilling in the fourth rack of the rocker arms into the inner cavity of the rocker arm axis and through the hole to the rocker arm bushing, from which it goes through the channel to the adjusting screw and barbell.

Oil is supplied to the air brake compressor from the main line through drillings in the cylinder block and a special oil pipeline.

Oil is drained from the compressor into the diesel crankcase.

Basic parameters of the lubrication system parts

Basic parameters of the lubrication system parts