Shock absorber noise (diagnostics) Renault Megan 2

Each shock absorber replacement must be justified by the results of the diagnostics below

Noises heard when driving off the sidewalk ("gunshot") are related to the characteristics of the shock absorber and are not a sign of a malfunction.

Weakly audible, “whispering” sounds (the normal sound of liquid in the shock absorber) or crackling (micro-movements of the clamped brake pads of the rear wheels) that occur when passengers get in and out of the car cannot be associated with shock absorbers.

Before replacing a damper due to "squishy" make sure the noise is not coming from the engine mounts, anti-roll bar pivots (and other ball joints) or shock cup bushings, and check the cup and stem fasteners for tightness shock absorbers.

Before road testing, check the tightness of all fasteners and joints of the front and rear suspensions, shock absorbers, anti-roll bars, ball joints and bearing clearances.

See fig. 1.

See fig. 2.

See fig. 3.