Cars equipped with the "hands-free" system have presence sensors and antennas for opening body elements for card recognition:

  • - opening antenna in the outside handle of each door,
  • - opening antenna in the rear bumper,
  • – presence sensor in the outside handle of each door.
Layout of the door opening antennas: 1 - opening antennas located in the outer door handles, 2 - opening antenna located in the rear bumper, 3 - engine start antennas

The engine start antennas have no effect on unlocking the vehicle.

On the contrary, it is not possible to lock the car using the "lock" switches located on the outside handles if the card is in the engine start area.

Movement sensors are built into presence sensors.

Remove antennas

For hands-free operation, the outside door handles are equipped with:

  • - presence sensors to recognize the user's hand in combination with a reflector mounted on the handle;
  • - lock button;
Components of the door opening system: 1 - sensors, 2 - lock button, 3 - opening antenna

- opening antenna built into the handle (Fig. 2)

Only vehicles equipped with a hands-free system have a lock switch.

If the vehicle has not been used for approximately 72 hours, the presence sensors are disabled.

Detection of the command to unlock, in this case, is carried out by the handle movement sensor.

Presence sensor and handle movement sensor are assembled.

Removing the rear antenna

Rear Antenna View

Remove the rear bumper.

Disconnect the antenna connector and remove it (fig. 3)


Installation is performed in the reverse order of removal.

Opening antenna connectors: A - connection pins, 2 - connector 1, 3 - connector 2

Opening antenna connection

Presence and movement sensors (slot 2)




Sensor signal




Power supply ("+" before the ignition switch)

Opening antenna and locking switch (slot 3)




Antenna opening


Opening antenna


Lock signal


Lock sensor ground


The lock switch is checked with an ohmmeter by connecting it to pins 3 and 4.

The resistance value of the opening antenna is approximately 0.2 ohm.