Removing and installing Mazda 3 oil cooler

The oil cooler is non-separable, if it malfunctions or coolant leaks from the seal, we replace it

Removing the oil cooler: 1 - cooler; 2 - fixing bolt; 3 - supply hose; 4 - sealing ring

Preparing the car for the task

Remove the crankcase protection

Mazda 3 oil cooler replacement

Draining the coolant

Mazda 3 oil cooler replacement

Remove the oil filter

Mazda 3 oil cooler replacement

Loosen the inlet hose clamp, slide the clamp along the hose and remove the hose from the oil cooler pipe

We also disconnect the outlet hose from the cooler pipe

Mazda 3 oil cooler replacement

Unscrew the bolt securing the oil cooler to the cylinder block bracket and remove the oil cooler

Remove the sealing ring 5 (it needs to be replaced)

Install the oil cooler in reverse order

Fill engine oil

Pour coolant into the engine

Start the engine and check the tightness of the connections