It is recommended to change the engine oil together with the oil filter

Put the car on a level surface

Remove the oil filler cap and unscrew the drain plug.

Drain the oil through the drain plug on the oil pan into a suitable container.

Install a new gasket and tighten the drain plug.

Pour new engine oil into the engine.

Install the oil filler cap.

Check the oil level and make sure there are no leaks with the engine off and running.

Engine oil filter

Oil filter change

Fig. 1. Oil filter change procedure

Using a special tool, unscrew the oil filter (Fig. 1.).

Wipe the mating surface of the oil filter housing with a clean rag.

Apply clean engine oil to the oil filter O-ring.

Install the filter and hand-tighten it.

Using the special tool, tighten the filter an additional ¾ turn.

Start the engine and check for oil leaks.

Check the oil level, top up if necessary.