Automatic work

Vehicles are equipped with a lever switch with a ring for adjusting the frequency of the brushes in automatic mode or an automatic change in the frequency of brushes in intermittent mode

In both cases, the cars are equipped with:

  • - sensor sensitivity control on the wiper switch lever;
  • - a system for automatically changing the frequency of moving the brushes in intermittent mode and a light sensor.

Place the wiper switch in the intermittent position to turn on the system.

When turning off the ignition, set the wiper switch to the "stop" position, then back to the "intermittent" position.

The block diagram of the operation of glass cleaners and washers: 1 - remote control under the steering wheel; 2 - rain and light sensor; 3 - control action of the driver; 4 - a block of diodes and a switch; 5 - CECBS; 6 - wired connection; 7 - multiplex communication channel; 8 - information about the inclusion of reverse gear and vehicle speed; 9 - protection and switching unit; 10 - windshield and rear window washer pump; 11 - rear window cleaner motor; 12 - windshield wiper motor


In case of increased resistance to movement of the wiper arms (for example, when driving at high speed), the protection and switching unit automatically switches the wiper to a lower speed mode.

If the wiper mechanism is jammed (for example, when the brushes freeze to the windshield), the protection and switching unit automatically turns off the power to the electric motor only when the vehicle is stationary.

If the windshield wiper is turned on by the switch or rain sensor, the rear window wiper will turn on when reverse gear is engaged.

Commands from the wiper switch have the highest priority and override commands from the UCH and the Protection and Switching Unit.

The frequency of the rear wiper blades depends on the speed of the vehicle.

If the TsEBKS does not receive a control signal from the steering column switch, the low speed of the windshield wiper automatically turns on.

The UCH has special configurations to provide the function of cleaning and washing the windows.