Car stability control system (cruise control) Mazda 3

The cruise control system allows you to set and automatically maintain a constant vehicle speed (but not less than 30 km/h)

Using the cruise control system under the following conditions is dangerous and may result in loss of vehicle control

When driving in hilly terrain.

When driving on roads with steep longitudinal slopes.

In heavy or unstable traffic.

On slippery or winding roads.

Other similar conditions in which it is impossible to move at a constant speed.

Cruise control indicator (yellow)/Curtain speed reference indicator (green)

This indicator can be amber or green.

Indicator illuminates amber when the cruise control main ON/OFF switch is pressed.

When the light is on, the cruise control system is on.

Turn cruise control on and off

To turn on the cruise control system, press the main "ON/OFF" switch. The green "CRUISE" indicator will light up.

To turn off the cruise control system, press the main ON/OFF switch again. The green "CRUISE" indicator will turn off.

If the cruise control system is not in use, the "ON/OFF" main switch must be in the off position.

It is dangerous to leave the cruise control master switch on when the cruise control is not in use.

This may result in accidental activation of the vehicle speed stabilization function and loss of vehicle control.

Setting the value of the stabilized speed

  • 1. Switch on the cruise control system by pressing the main ON/OFF switch.
  • 2. Accelerate the car to the required speed (at least 30 km/h).

Press and release the SET/COAST switch at the vehicle speed you want to maintain.

Release the accelerator pedal at the same time. Do not keep the switch pressed.

Otherwise, if the driver does not depress the accelerator pedal, the vehicle speed will decrease until the switch button is released. In doing so, you can skip the required speed.

The "SET" function of setting the desired speed can be turned on no earlier than 2 seconds after pressing the main switch "ON / OFF".

On a steep grade, the vehicle may quickly lose speed when driving uphill or pick up speed quickly when driving downhill.

Increase stabilized speed

There are two ways to increase the value of the stabilized vehicle speed.

Press and hold the RES/ACCEL switch button. In this case, the car will accelerate.

Release the switch button when the desired speed is reached.

The cruise control system installed on your vehicle performs the function of stepwise increase in speed.

Each short press of the RES/ACCEL switch button increases the current vehicle speed by 1.6 km/h.

Several successive presses of the switch will increase the speed by the corresponding multiple of the number of presses.

Accelerate the car to the desired speed. Press and quickly release the "SET/COAST" switch button.

If you need to temporarily increase your speed while the cruise control is on, depress the accelerator pedal and accelerate your vehicle.

Higher travel speed will not change the stabilized speed preset. release the accelerator pedal to return to the preset speed.

Reducing the stabilized speed

Press and hold the SET/COAST switch button. The car will slow down smoothly.

Release the switch button when the desired speed is reached.

If the set speed hold function has been canceled by any means other than pressing the "ON/OFF" switch and the cruise control system continues to operate, pressing the "RES/ACCEL" button will automatically return to the set speed setting, which was installed last.

In this case, the current speed of the car must be above 30 km/h.

If the vehicle speed is less than 30 km/h, accelerate the vehicle to 30 km/h and press the RES/ACCEL switch

Disable cruise control

To turn off the cruise control system, use one of the following methods.

Press the ON/OFF switch. Lightly press the brake pedal.

Depress the clutch pedal (vehicles with manual transmission).

Press the CANCEL button. The cruise control system is deactivated when the ignition is turned off.

Cruise-co system The control is deactivated if the vehicle speed falls below the set value by about 15 km/h or if the vehicle speed drops to 23 km/h.