The fuel fine filter is non-separable, in a steel case, with a paper filter element.

An arrow is marked on the filter housing, which must coincide with the direction of fuel flow.

The fuel filter should be replaced after 15,000 km.

Of course, this figure depends on the operating conditions. This means the quality of the gasoline being poured.

The fine fuel filter is located under the bottom on the left side, closer to the rear wheels.

The fuel in the engine power system is under pressure.

Therefore, before servicing the fuel system, it is necessary to relieve fuel pressure.

Replacing the fuel filter Renault Megane 2

Squeezing the two retainers of the fuel pipe tip, remove the tip from the filter fitting.

Similarly, remove the tip of the fuel pipe from the other filter fitting.

Replacing the fuel filter Renault Megane 2

Loosen the clamp bolt with a 10 head

Replacing the fuel filter Renault Megane 2

Remove the fuel filter

Install the filter in reverse order.

When removing and installing the filter, pay attention to the position of the fuel flow arrow.

Replacing fuel filter Renault Megane 2