Summary table of malfunctions of the Renault Megan 2 automatic transmission

Code Fault name


DF003 Analog sensor power supply

DF005 Oil pressure sensor circuit

DF008 Multifunction switch in intermediate position

DF009 Multifunction switch in wrong position

DF010 Communication with instrument panel

DF012 Power supply for solenoid valves

DF016 Torque converter lock-up solenoid circuit

DF017 Cooler oil control solenoid circuit

DF018 Torque converter not locking up

DF020 Old oil

DF023 Engine oil temperature sensor circuit

DF024 Coolant Temperature Sensor Circuit

DF029 Multi-function switch in unstable position

DF036 Pressure control solenoid circuit

DF033 Torque Converter Turbine Speed ​​Sensor

DF048 Vehicle speed information

DF049 Pressure control

DF055 injection computer; Instrument panel.

DF064 Display circuit

DF085 Transmission Sequence Solenoid #1 Circuit

DR086 #2 Shift Sequence Solenoid Circuit

DF087 #3 Shift Sequence Solenoid Circuit

DF088 #5 Shift Sequence Solenoid Circuit

DF089 No. 4 Sequence Solenoid Circuit

DF093 Manual impulse switch chains

DF095 Selector lever lock solenoid circuit

DF109 Engine torque information via multiplex network

DF112 Shift Sequence Solenoid #6 Circuit

DF114 Pedal position information via multiplex network

DF116 Engine speed information via multiplex network

DF117 Multiplex transmission of left rear wheel speed information

DF118 Multiplex transmission of right rear wheel speed information

DF119 Brake pedal position

DF122 Communication with the UCH

DF123 ABS communication

DF126 Torque Converter Turbine Speed ​​Information


DF131 Slip

DF174 ABS fault detection

DF175 Left front wheel speed information via multiplex network

PS-17L Information about the speed of rotation of the right front wheel

Uri/0 over the multiplex network

DF177 Automatic transmission overheating

Modular diagnostic connector in Figure 1

diagnostic connector