Displays on the display (see 1, fig.1.), located on the instrument panel (location depends on the vehicle equipment)

  • - information messages (data about the trip, etc.),
Location of the on-board computer display on instrument panels of different variants
  • - messages about malfunctions in the operation of systems (as a rule, simultaneously with the inclusion of the "Service" warning lamp);
  • - warnings (simultaneously with the "STOP" indicator lamp turning on).

Display selection button (2)

On-board computer Renault Megane 2

Located on the steering column switch (see fig. 2.).

By briefly pressing this key, the display will show the following information in sequence:

  • a) total mileage and trip mileage counter;
  • b) trip data:
  • - used fuel;
  • - average fuel consumption current fuel consumption, estimated range;
  • - path traveled;
  • - average speed;
  • c) mileage until the next oil change;
  • d) set speed (speed limiter/speed controller);
  • e) logbook, sequential output of information and fault messages.

On some models, the display button is also a reset button.

Reset button

Ride odometer reading

To reset the trip odometer, turn on the trip odometer mode, and then hold the button (see A2, fig. 3) pressed until the reading is reset.

On-board computer Renault Megane 2

Trip Options

Having turned on the indication of one of the trip parameters, keep the button (3) pressed until the readings are reset.

Interpretation of some data displayed on the display after resetting the on-board computer.

The greater the distance traveled since the last reset operation, the more stable and reliable the readings of average speed, average fuel consumption and range will be with the fuel remaining in the tank.

On the first few kilometers after zeroing the computer readings, you can notice the following:

1) The range on the fuel available in the tank increases while driving.

This is normal, as the average fuel consumption may decrease in the following cases:

  • - the car has finished acceleration;
  • - the engine has warmed up (and the computer was reset to zero when the engine was cold);
  • - the car left the city on the freeway.

2) Average fuel consumption increases when the engine is idling.

This is normal, because the computer takes into account the amount of fuel used in idling.

Automatic reset of trip parameters

When the entire memory capacity of one of the storage devices is exceeded, the zeroing occurs automatically.