Loosen the belt tension, to do this, loosen the nut 1 and the adjusting bolt 2 and turn the bracket 3 with the tension roller 4 to the engine block

Remove the belt.

Removing and installing fan belt ZMZ-402

Inspect the belt.

If it has cracks, rubber delamination, tears, etc., replace the belt.


Removing and installing fan belt ZMZ-402

Put belt 2 on fan pulley 1, then on crankshaft pulley 4 and tensioner pulley 3.

After installing the belt, it is necessary to adjust its tension.

Tension Adjustment

When the tension is properly adjusted, the belt should flex 7-9 mm when a force of 40 N (4 kgf) is applied midway between the fan pulley and the tension roller.

Belt tension is adjusted by moving the tension roller.

Loosen the nut 1 (see Fig. 1) fastening the bracket 3 of the tension roller and the adjusting bolt

Turn bracket 3 with roller 4 away from the engine block, thereby tightening the belt.

Tighten bolt 2 and check belt tension as above.

If belt tension is normal, tighten nut 1.