The characteristics of the refrigerant are indicated on the label located in the engine compartment of the car

Use the filling station's high pressure line to collect, create a vacuum and charge the R134A refrigerant.

Be sure to plug the openings of the air conditioning piping with plugs to prevent moisture from entering the system.

Remove plugs from spare parts only at the last moment before installing them.

With the engine running, check for leaks with a leak detector five minutes after refueling; at the same time, the heater and the air blower must operate at maximum mode.

Follow all oil topping instructions exactly when working on air conditioning components.

When replacing valves, observe the required tightening torque of 8 Nm.

Removing refrigerant from the air conditioning system

Before performing work related to the depressurization of the air conditioning system, it is necessary to remove the refrigerant from the system.

Filling and removing coolant Renault Megane 2

To do this, unscrew the screw cap of the valve.

We put on safety glasses.

Filling and removing coolant Renault Megane 2

We press with a thin screwdriver with a long sting on the tip of the valve spool and bleed the refrigerant from the system.

Release the refrigerant from the system in a well-ventilated area or outdoors.

The refrigerant must be released from the system in a thin stream.

Filling the air conditioner

After repair work related to depressurization of the air conditioner, it is necessary to evacuate and charge the system with refrigerant (R134a).

Recharging and removing refrigerant Renault Megane 2

For each car model, the volume of refueling is different.

To carry out refueling, you must have:

Recharging and removing refrigerant Renault Megane 2

- precision manometric blocks with special connecting tips;

Filling and removing coolant Renault Megane 2

- a two-stage vacuum pump for the complete removal of air and water vapor from the system;

Recharging and removing refrigerant Renault Megane 2

  • - scales for dosing the amount of refrigerant charged.

Air conditioning system maintenance

Each year of operation it is recommended:

  • - clean and purge the condenser and radiator of the engine cooling system;
  • - make sure that the condensate drain in the cold air blower is not clogged.

Checking the refrigerant charge of the refrigeration circuit or draining the refrigerant is recommended every four years.

Bactericidal preparation for the treatment of the air conditioning system

Treat the heating and ventilation system with a special preparation after each winter season or a long break in the system to eliminate possible contamination.

Spray all of the product from the aerosol can with extension through the filter nozzle of the cabin ventilation system.

It is strictly forbidden to spray the drug through the air intake due to the risk of damage to the electric air blower.

Please wait 15 minutes

Turn on the fan at a very low speed for 5 minutes.